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16,000 woodworking plans for profit or your own projects.

How to Set Up Your Own Organic Garden

Build Your Own Solar Hot Water Heater

How to Build Your Own Water Filter

How to Revive and Restore Batteries

Home Based Salvage & Recycling Business

Tools For Survival

Free Self-Sufficiency Building Plans
for Farm, Ranch & Homestead

Note: This is only a small percentage of available plans. Return soon as I'll be adding more on a daily basis.

On This Page: Gardening & Greenhouses - Out-Buildings, Barns, Sheds, Garages
Bees & Honey - Livestock & Poultry - Homes & Cabins - Safety - Community Structures - Miscellaneous.

Gardening & Greenhouses

      Electric Hotbed (PDF)

      Arched Plastic Conduit Greenhouse (PDF)

      Gothic Rafter Greenhouse (PDF)

      Greenhouse Benches (PDF)

      Greenhouse Framing (PDF)

      Small Arch Conduit Greenhouse (PDF)

      Home Greenhouse (PDF)

      Hotbed Propagating Frame (PDF)

      Lathe House (PDF)

      Mini Hotbed Frame (PDF)

      Nursery Plant Wagon (PDF)

      Pipe Frame Greenhouse (PDF)

      Plastic Covered Conduit Greenhouse (PDF)

      Small Plastic Covered Greenhouse (PDF)

      Large Plastic Covered Greenhouse (PDF)

      Portable Plastic Covered Greenhouse (PDF)

      Scissors Truss Greenhouse (PDF)

      Pole Frame Plastic Covered Greenhouse (PDF)

Out-Buildings, Barns, Sheds, Garages

      Boat Landing with Roof (PDF)

      Adirondack Style Shelter (PDF)

      Feeding Barn 30' by 56' (PDF)

      Two Story Barn (PDF)

      Pole Barn with Rdige Between Poles (PDF)

      Pole Barn with Ridge Centered On Poles (PDF)

      Pole Barn with Truss Roof and Sheds (PDF)

      Pole Barn Clear Span 30' by 60' (PDF)

      Walls, Doors, Windows for Pole Structures (PDF)

      Two Car Garage Frame Constructed (PDF)

      Two Car Garage Pole Constructed (PDF)

      Storage Sheds 12' by 16' (PDF)

      Barn Type Storage Shed 10' by 12' (PDF)

      Portable Shed 12' by 12' (PDF)

      Utility Shed with Sliding Door (PDF)

      Barn Frame Construction 18' by 30' (PDF)

      Barn Frame Construction 24' by 30' (PDF)

      Plywood Shelving for Storage (PDF)

      Garden Tool Storage Building (PDF)

      Carport with Shop and Loft (PDF)

      Driveway Planning Guides (PDF)

      Pole Barn Clear Span with Shed (PDF)

      Barn 40' by 44' with Side Sheds (PDF)

      Barn 36' by 48' with Side Sheds (PDF)

Community Structures

      Pavillion (PDF)

      Pavillion with Storage (PDF)

      Two Story Community Building (PDF)

      Picnic Shelter with Fireplace (PDF)

Bees and Honey

      Beehive Frame (PDF)

      Beehive Honey Extractor (PDF)

      Brood Beehive Plans (PDF)

      Honeycomb Uncapping Dumping (PDF)

      Low Cost Beehive (PDF)

      Solar Beeswax Extractor (PDF)

Livestock & Poultry

      Cattle Racks for Pickup Truck (PDF)

      Chicken House with Bins and Nests (PDF)

      Chicken House - 10' x 12' (PDF)

      Poultry House - 7' x 11' (PDF)

      Poultry House - 11' x 15' (PDF)

      Poultry & Pigeon Houses - 8' x 8' (PDF)

Homes & Cabins

      Deck Railing and Stair Details (PDF)

      Dormitory Cabin with Loft (PDF)

      Energy Efficient House (PDF)

      Five Room Log Cabin (PDF)

      One Bedroom A-Frame Cabin (PDF)

      Pole Frame Cabin (PDF)

      Small Wood Frame Cabin (PDF)

      Three Room Log Cabin (PDF)


      Above Ground Storm Shelter (PDF)

      Lightning Protection (PDF)

      Storm Cellar (PDF)

Miscellaneous Tools, Etc.

      Log Lifter (PDF)

      Picnic Table (PDF)

      Playground Equipment (PDF)

      Purple Martin Birdhouse (PDF)

On This Page: Gardening & Greenhouses - Out-Buildings, Barns, Sheds, Garages
Bees & Honey - Livestock & Poultry - Homes & Cabins - Safety - Community Structures - Miscellaneous.

Source: University of Tennessee Cooperative Extension Program

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